Stylish sleaze in Casino

Martin Scorsese’s 1995 gambling masterpiece is as big and brash as the city it’s set in. Swanning around Las Vegas in fur coats and garish colours, messrs De Niro, Pesci and Stone are the epitome of mid-seventies sleaze. And we love it. Never have more lurid shirts been worn underneath such grey suits — but, somehow, it works.

The supporting cast, too, have their fashion moments. James Woods shines as a con-artist-turned-pimp called Lester Diamond — although not as brightly as his all-white, epauletted leather get-ups. And Joe Pesci’s neckwear? You can hardly tell whether they’re ties or cravats the things are so silky and huge. But that’s Casino: the wardrobe on this film was the essence of excess, tailored trimly into some truly love-hate suits.