Let there be night: how light pollution is destroying our sky

What if you never saw the stars again? In fact, you’ve probably never seen a real night sky in your entire life due to the damage that urban areas have on the light. We all find a starry night mesmerising. So why do we all ignore the immense issue that is progressively getting worse: Light……

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Lions in South Africa are being poisoned for their body parts

There are only around 22,000 lions left in Africa, compared to about 100,000 in 1965. Kruger National Park has some of the best access to wild animals in all of Africa and is possibly the most famous game reserve in the continent. South African National Parks – Sanparks – has acknowledged that poachers have poisoned……

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The fossil fuel ceos ruining Earth

“Victory will be achieved when the average person is uncertain about climate science.“ We perpetually hear about the impact fossil fuels and ‘the big’ corporations have on climate change and Earth, but we never hear about who is executing this worldly havoc. None are household names but all lead household businesses and all have unconceivable……

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