The Larry David style: a closer look at the fashion evolution of the Curb Your Enthusiasm star

“Larry David is one of the best-dressed men on television,” declared New York magazine in 2020. Stylist Allison Bornstein, among others on TikTok, has celebrated David as an “accidental style icon,” praising his “classic, layered, and practical” fashion choices. His “laid-back dad style” has been lauded by fashion publications, and he has even graced the front row at New York Fashion Week.

David’s signature look features plain, high-quality white Cotton Citizen T-shirts, well-fitting blazers, cashmere sweatshirts in muted colors, Ecco shoes, and his trademark Oliver Peoples round glasses. Whether on or off the golf course, David exudes a sense of comfort and confidence in his attire, often sporting a windbreaker and a baseball cap bearing the logo of Graydon Carter’s newsletter or the word “Menemsha,” a nod to Martha’s Vineyard.

Described as “post-normcore” by author and cultural commentator Jason Diamond, David’s style is understated and unassuming. His outfits evoke a “smart casual” look reminiscent of late 1980s and early 1990s films by Nora Ephron and Steve Martin. Despite its subtlety, David’s fashion sense has resonated with audiences worldwide.

In an interview with GQ in 2020, David shared his fashion philosophy: “One should wear only one ‘nice’ piece of clothing at a time. Otherwise, it’s too much. Too dressed. You have to be half dressed. That’s my fashion theory, since you asked: Half Is More.” This simple yet effective approach to dressing has garnered praise and admiration, particularly on platforms like TikTok.

However, it’s not just about the clothes; it’s about the way David carries himself. As Leslie Schilling, costume designer for Curb Your Enthusiasm, notes, “He’s so confident … those shots of him just sort of gangling, walking down the street.” David’s effortless demeanor resonates in an era that values quiet luxury and understated elegance.

Throughout the show’s run, David’s style has subtly evolved. Schilling, who joined the show in 2017, made subtle adjustments to his wardrobe, updating his look while retaining his signature aesthetic. “He doesn’t dress like a frumpy older man; he still looks very stylish,” she explains.

Ultimately, David’s appeal lies in his approachability. As Schilling observes, “He mostly wants to be comfortable and feel like himself.” This effortless charm and relatability have made him a fashion icon for older men, inspiring a new wave of admirers to embrace his timeless style.

Looking ahead, it’s likely that Larry David’s influence on fashion will only continue to grow. As Diamond predicts, in the future, we may see a resurgence of “Curb-core,” with more people looking to David for inspiration, not only in style but also in life. “He’s done a good job of living,” Diamond concludes, highlighting David’s enduring appeal both on and off the screen.