Creative Director Glenn Martens, Art Director Christopher Simmonds, and Photographer Johnny Dufort came together to envision a a show that is an ironic tribute to classical TV talent competitions, including a live studio audience, a panel of judges and entertainment galore. Be prepared for individual talents that go beyond any expectations you may have. We encourage those watching at home to find and embrace theirs.

The contestants are anything but stereotypical pageant types. They embody anti-conformist, free-thinking, radically inclusive values that align with Diesel. Plus, each personally chosen by Glenn Martens are real GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ (GWR) title holders. If you are expecting a swimsuit competition or a lip synching for their lives, you will be in for a special surprise as none of that will occur, it is just a collection of people highly secure in their highly unusual talent.

There’s Contestant No. 48 Aristotelis Valaoritis, GWR title holder for most wine glasses balanced on the head. Contestant No. 13 Liberty Barros holds multiple flexibility records including most chest to floor backbends in 30 seconds. Contestant No. 31 is Jim Arrington, the oldest bodybuilder (male) at age 91. Contestant No. 27 is Chanel Tapper, holder of the GWR title for the longest tongue (female). Contestant No. 7 Tami Manis has the longest competitive mullet (female). Contestant No. 61 Rolf Buchholz holds the record for the most body modifications (male). Contestant. No. 82 Mariam Olayiwola holds several hula hooping records including longest duration spinning 30 hoops simultaneously. Contestant No. 22 Dalibor Jablanovic has the record for the most spoons balanced on the face.

All guests, judges and participants are wearing looks provided by Diesel Spring Summer 2024. This includes bleached summer denim, new prints such as collegiate-inspired cottons, destroyed devore denim, jersey body-skimming “nude” statuette dresses, peel-off cinema poster looks, and trompe l’oeil lingerie pieces from runway. Accessories include the Streamline and Vert watches, chain jewellery and sunglasses in collaboration with Essilor Luxottica.