A new school of Philosophy comes to fruition in Land Sickness by Nikolaj Schultz

In Land Sickness by Nikolaj Schultz, we are taken on a journey that is both deeply personal and universally significant. As a heatwave engulfs Paris, the protagonist finds himself disoriented and disconnected from his usual reality by the brutal effects of climate change. Unable to escape the suffocating heat or the gnawing anxiety it brings, he seeks refuge on the serene Mediterranean island of Porquerolles. But can even the beauty of this idyllic landscape shield him from the harsh realities of the Anthropocene?

Schultz’s narrative, a fictionalised travelogue based on his own experiences and emotions, delves into the existential and sociological crises sparked by the climate emergency. His poignant exploration of these pressing issues will resonate with anyone concerned about the escalating climate crisis we face.

Land Sickness is not just a book; it’s a call to action. With a unique blend of aesthetic pleasure and existential engagement, Schultz compels us to confront the urgent need for ecological activism. This book is more than a mere story; it’s a Bildungsroman for a world grappling with an uncertain future. In beautiful prose, Schultz navigates the intimate connection between personal struggle and ecological commentary, leaving readers with a profound sense of both dread and inspiration.

Schultz’s meditation on the moral dilemmas of the Anthropocene is both moving and thought-provoking. Through his semi-fictionalized travelogue, he skillfully explores the inescapable reality of climate breakdown and our interconnectedness with the planet. Land Sickness is an urgent and essential read, offering valuable insights into our evolving relationship with the environment.

It’s a remarkable book that not only captures the complexities of living in the Anthropocene but also offers a poignant reflection on what it means to be human in an age of ecological crisis. Nikolaj Schultz’s work is not just a literary achievement; it’s a vital contribution to the ongoing conversation about our planet’s future.