‘All of Us Strangers’ Director Andrew Haigh Set to direct Leonardo Da Vinci film for Universal

Universal Pictures has secured a director for its highly anticipated Leonardo da Vinci film. Andrew Haigh, known for his work on “All of Us Strangers,” has been chosen to direct and adapt Walter Isaacson’s celebrated biography of the Renaissance polymath.

Isaacson’s book, based on thousands of pages from Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks and recent discoveries about his life and work, became a literary sensation upon its release in 2017. Originally, Universal lost the bidding war to Paramount, which spent years developing the project with Leonardo DiCaprio before ultimately shelving it. Universal quietly acquired the rights to the project last year. The bestselling biography delves into da Vinci’s remarkable art, including the iconic Mona Lisa, as well as his groundbreaking scientific discoveries, illustrating how his genius was fueled by unbridled curiosity, keen observation, and boundless imagination.

Living from 1452 to 1519, Leonardo da Vinci was an emblematic figure of the Renaissance, a period known for its unparalleled creativity in human history.

Christopher Hampton penned an earlier version of the screenplay.

Haigh, an award-winning British writer-director, received critical acclaim for his 2023 film “All of Us Strangers,” which garnered six BAFTA nominations, including best director and best adapted screenplay. The film also earned three Independent Spirit Awards nominations. Haigh’s previous works include A24’s “Lean on Pete” and IFC’s “45 Years,” the latter of which earned Charlotte Rampling an Academy Award nomination for best actress. Since his debut with “Weekend” in 2011, Haigh has made his mark in television as well, serving as an executive producer and lead writer-director on HBO’s “Looking.” He also directed all five episodes of the 2012 limited series “The North Water” for BBC and AMC.

This project marks Universal’s second adaptation of an Isaacson book, following the successful 2015 film “Steve Jobs,” directed by Danny Boyle.