{Cannes Film Festival}

Cannes Film Festival unveils 2024 Official Selection

The Cannes Film Festival has announced the lineup for its 77th edition, scheduled for May 14-25.

The competition includes films from acclaimed directors such as Andrea Arnold, David Cronenberg, Yórgos Lánthimos, Paul Schrader, and Paolo Sorrentino.

Festival director Thierry Frémaux revealed the Official Selection at a press conference held at the UGC Normandie theatre in Paris, alongside festival president Iris Knobloch.

Among the previously announced titles are Quentin Dupieux’s “The Second Act,” which will open the festival on May 14 out of competition, as well as George Miller’s “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga,” Kevin Costner’s “Horizon, An American Saga,” and Francis Ford Coppola’s “Megalopolis.”

Greta Gerwig, director of “Barbie,” will preside over the jury.

Official Selection 2024

The Apprentice, Ali Abbasi

Set during the early years of Trump’s business career, the film is reported to mainly focus on the relationship of Trump and Roy Cohn, a New York City prosecutor notable for working with Senator Joseph McCarthy during the Second Red Scare. It is described as “a mentor-protégé narrative that documents the start of an American dynasty and tackles themes including power, corruption and deception.”

Motel Destino, Karim Ainouz

Described by Aïnouz as a love story, the film is about a young man on the run and a woman trapped in her abusive marriage.

Bird, Andrea Arnold

Bailey lives with his brother Hunter and his father Bug, who raises them alone in a squat in northern Kent. Bug doesn’t have much time to devote to them. Bailey looks for attention and adventure elsewhere.

Emilia Perez, Jacques Audiard

A woman is tasked with assisting an escaped Mexican cartel leader undergo sex reassignment surgery to both evade the authorities and affirm her gender.

Anora, Sean Baker

A comedy about a sex worker shot in New York City and Las Vegas.

Megalopolis, Francis Ford Coppola

An accident destroys a New York City-like metropolis already in decay. Cesar, an idealist, aims to rebuild the city as a sustainable utopia, while the venal mayor, Frank Cicero, has other plans. Coming between the opposing men and their visions is Frank’s socialite daughter, Julia. Tired of the attention and power she was born with, Julia searches for her life’s meaning.[5]

The Shrouds, David Cronenberg

Described as Cronenberg’s “most personal film”, Cassel plays Karsh, a grieving widower, who builds an innovative device to help people connect with the dead.

The Substance, Coralie Fargeat

Fargeat’s explosive feminist take on body horror

Grand Tour, Miguel Gomes

Edward, civil servant, flees fiancee Molly on their wedding day in Rangoon, 1917. His travels replace panic with melancholy. Molly, set on marriage, amused by his escape, trails him across Asia.

Marcello Mio, Christophe Honoré

Chiara is an actress and the daughter of Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve. One summer, she tells herself that she should rather live her father’s life. She now dresses like him, speaks like him, breathes like him and she delivers it with such command that others around her end up believing it and begin calling her “Marcello”.

Caught By The Tides, Jia Zhang-Ke

In early 2000s China, Qiao Qiao and Guao Bin share a passionate but fragile love. When Guao Bin disappears to try his luck in another province, Qiao Qiao decides to go looking for him.

All We Imagine As Light, Payal Kapadia

In Mumbai, Nurse Prabha’s routine is troubled when she receives an unexpected gift from her estranged husband. Her younger roommate, Anu, tries in vain to find a spot in the city to be intimate with her boyfriend. A trip to a beach town allows them to find a space for their desires to manifest.”

Kinds Of Kindness, Yórgos Lánthimos

Three stories revolve around a man who tries to take control of his own life, a policeman whose wife seems like a different person, and a woman who searches for someone with a special ability.

L’amour Ouf, Gilles Lellouche

The story spans 20 years and begins in the North East of France with two teenagers who fall madly in love, a girl from an upper-middle-class family and a boy from a working-class family. Their love story is quickly doomed to failure when he ends up becoming a criminal and spends 12 years in prison.

Wild Diamond, Agathe Riedinger

Liane lives with her mother and little sister in Fréjus, on the Côte d’Azur. She is obsessed with her physical appearance and dreams of becoming famous. Eventually she discovers reality TV as a possible springboard for a career. Liane gleefully responds to a casting call for Miracle Island.

Oh Canada, Paul Schrader

The story delves into the life of a tormented writer on the brink of death, a Canadian-American leftist who fled to Canada to avoid the Vietnam War draft.

Limonov – The Ballad, Kirill Serebrennikov

The outrageous story of Eduard Limonov, the radical Soviet poet who became a bum in New York, a sensation in France, and a political antihero in Russia.

Parthenope, Paolo Sorrentino

According to Sorrentino, the film is about a woman named Partenope “who bears the name of her city but is neither siren nor myth.”

The Girl With The Needle, Magnus Von Horn

In Copenhagen, young pregnant Karoline takes on a position as a wet nurse for an older woman named Dagmar to help support herself. Dagmar operates a clandestine adoption agency under the guise of a candy shop, assisting disadvantaged mothers place their unwanted newborns in foster homes. Karoline grows close to Dagmar, but she is soon faced with the nightmarish reality she unwittingly entered.

Out Of Competition

The Second Act, Quentin Dupieux (opening film)

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, George Miller

Horizon, An American Saga, Kevin Costner

She’s Got No Name, Peter Chan

Rumours, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson, Guy Maddin

Midnight Screenings

Twilight Of The Warriors: Walled In, Soi Cheang

I, The Executioner, Seung Wan Ryoo

The Surfer, Lorcan Finnegan

The Balconettes, Noémie Merlant

Cannes Premiere

Miséricorde, Alain Guiraudie

C’est Pas Moi, Leos Carax

Everybody Loves Touda, Nabil Ayouch

The Marching Band, Emmanuel Courcol

Rendez-Vous Avec Pol Pot, Rithy Panh

Le Roman de Jim, Arnaud Larrieu, Jean-Marie Larrieu 

Special Screenings

Le Belle De Gaza, Yolande Zauberman

Apprendre, Claire Simon

The Invasion, Sergei Loznitsa

Ernest Cole, Lost And Found, Raoul Peck

Le Fil, Daniel Auteuil

Un Certain Regard

Norah, Tawfik Alzaidi

The Shameless, Konstantin Bojanov

Le Royaume, Julien Colonna

Vingt Dieux!, Louise Courvoisier

Who Let The Dog Bite?, Lætitia Dosch

Black Dog, Guan Hu

The Village Next To Paradise, Mo Harawe

September Says, Ariane Labed

L’histoire De Souleymane, Boris Lojkine

The Damned, Roberto Minervini

On Becoming A Guinea Fowl, Rungano Nyoni

My Sunshine, Hiroshi Okuyama

Santosh, Sandhya Suri

Viet And Nam, Truong Minh Quý

Armand, Halfdan Ullmann Tøndel