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Denis Villeneuve to Direct “Smaller Movie” Before “Dune: Messiah”

After the success of “Dune: Part II,” Denis Villeneuve is taking a breather from the world of Arrakis before diving into the third installment, “Dune: Messiah.” According to THR’s Bory Kit, Villeneuve has already chosen his next project, and it’s going to be a “smaller movie.” Kit suggests that “Messiah” won’t be happening anytime soon.

So, what could this smaller movie be? Compared to ‘Dune,’ anything might seem smaller. Could it be reminiscent of his earlier works, such as “Enemy” and “Prisoners”?

While some speculate that it might be his recently announced adaptation of Annie Jacobsen‘s nonfiction book “Nuclear War: A Scenario,” sources indicate that Kit wasn’t referring to this project. The plan for “Nuclear War” has always been to shoot it after “Dune: Messiah,” and the screenplay hasn’t even been written yet.

Villeneuve has mentioned three potential projects for his next film: “Cleopatra,” “Rendezvous with Rama,” and a “secret” film that is “time-sensitive.”