A longtime passion project for Coppola, who first conceived the film in 1979 and actively started developing it in 1983, it underwent significant delays and numerous cancellations over the years, until Coppola revived the project in 2019 by spending $120 million of his own money on the film, which was filmed from November 2022 to March 2023; this is Coppola’s first directorial effort since 2011’s Twixt, marking his longest gap between films.

Premise: An accident destroys a New York City-like metropolis already in decay. Cesar, an idealist, aims to rebuild the city as a sustainable utopia, while the venal mayor, Frank Cicero, has other plans. Coming between the opposing men and their visions is Frank’s socialite daughter, Julia. Tired of the attention and power she was born with, Julia searches for her life’s meaning.[5]